Announcing the publication of “Dorothy’s Daughter in the Land of Oz”


Carissimi Opera Publishing, LLC is proud to announce the publication of Dorothy’s Daughter in the Land of Oz by Marlyn Butler Evers.     A captivating memoir and true tale by Marlyn Butler Evers, who grew up in Northeastern Kansas, and explores events from the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl years through World War II and the Korean War.   Sometimes poignant, often funny and always engaging, she recounts a childhood when children had the freedom and independence to explore and learn by doing.  

Join Marlyn as she wrestles with the mysteries of life, reacts to childhood misconceptions and fears, struggles with teen insecurities, learns that humans cannot fly like Captain Marvel, expands her horizons through job and travel encounters, and strives to create her identity in spite of pressures to conform to traditional roles for men and women.  Relive a bygone and less restrictive time and savor the vitality of small town America as you meet the unforgettable characters and real folks inhabiting Marlyn’s corner of the universe.

Available on Amazon via this link  for $14.00.  


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